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One simple call can eliminate ALL of your electrical problems

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From Fort Mackinley to Englewood, Bates Electric provides top-quality electrical services to communities in the Dayton, Ohio area. With over a decade of experience, Bates Electric specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial projects and services.

  • Does your home have a faulty power outlet that needs repair?
  • Does your commercial property need a new wiring system?

If so, you can depend on Bates Electric, the best emergency electrician Dayton Ohio offers, to provide you with the service you need efficiently and affordably.

To ensure professional service, we only hire the best state-certified electricians. We are a BBB accredited business that earns our reputation with each job. From residential breaker issues to large scale commercial work, our electricians work hard to maintain our stellar reputation as the go to company for Dayton Ohio!

One simple call can eliminate ALL of your electrical problems

Call (937) 681-0606

We not only offer outstanding and affordable service, but we do so on a 24-hour basis. This gives our customer’s the peace-of-mind of having an on-call industry professional to fulfill their needs at all times. With our 24-hour service, you will never have to risk your home or business’s safety or profitability again!

Bates Electric places value on affordability, and we offer free quotes on our installation or repair services to all of the surrounding areas. Our free quotes allow us to maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our clients, as they are never turned-off by surprise charges and hidden fees.

Bates Electric’s professionalism, efficiency, and affordability make us the number one option for Dayton electrical contractor services. If you have something that concerns you in your home or at your business, contact us today for a free quote.

Residential Service

Well maintained and up-to-date equipment is essential to a safe and functioning home. At Bates Electric, we have the professional experience necessary to keep your home’s power and electric needs working smoothly. It doesn’t matter if it’s that new appliance you needed installed yesterday or that light’s that is always flickering, Bates Electric has you covered!


From neighborhood big-box stores to agricultural and industrial applications, Bates Electric has earned its reputation for quality commercial and industrial services through hard work and dedication. Since we handle all services in-house, Bates Electric can offer you quality commercial and industrial services for very reasonable rates compared to other companies in the surrounding Ohio area.

Unsure of what qualifies as commercial and industrial services? Common problems, services, and jobs include:

  • Facility-wide power outage
  • Sparking issues
  • Flickering lights
  • Heavy appliance maintenance
  • Safety checks
  • PAT test checks
  • Overheating fixtures and switches
  • Breakers tripping
Agricultural wiring
  • Irrigation system wiring
  • Arena lighting

Wondering what sorts of services qualify as residential work? Common residential problems, jobs, and services include:

  • Faulty bulbs and fixtures
  • Flickering or blinking lights
  • Recessed light issues
  • Dead outlets
  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Switch issues
  • Usage problems
  • Over-wired panels
  • Power surges
  • Shocks
  • Appliance installations

Over time, unaddressed residential issues turn into safety hazardous. The longer you wait, the greater the risks become. Bates Electric places a high-value on safety and can be trusted with your home’s electrical needs. We provide free quotes, allowing you to assess the severity of your home’s issues before you make a servicing decision. 

If you think your home needs any of the above services, or something else, Bates Electric can fulfill your requirements in a safe, professional, and affordable manner. Take the first step in bringing your home or residential property up to standards, and contact Bates Electric today to receive a free quote.

Above all, we pride ourselves in our ability to handle your commercial and industrial electrical equipment and service needs safely. Often, such services require working in a high voltage environment that is responsible for providing energy over large areas. Not only that, but there are often millions of dollars and thousands of livelihoods on the line. The smallest mistake is not only a health hazard but a finical one as well. Bates Electric recognizes the risk and takes all the necessary steps to avoid tragedies. 

If you are in the market for commercial or industrial services, Bates Electric’s experience, professionalism, and affordability make us your number one choice in the area!

Our Mission

At Bates Electric, we strive to provide our community with the highest quality residential, commercial, and industrial services affordably and efficiently. We believe our reputation is key to our success, and we keep up with it by only employing state-licensed electricians with a proven track-record of quality work.

Quality, not monetary gain, is our biggest motivation. This motivation allows us to treat every job, whether it is a small, residential wiring job or industrial-sized issue, with the same professionalism and care. At its core, our mission is simple: high-quality work, done safely and efficiently, at an affordable price.


Bates Electric provides the best electrical service in Dayton Ohio. Our certified licensed electricians provide the services you need to keep your home and office running smoothly. Whether you are looking for a whole home rewire or new lighting installed, Bates Electric will provide reliable and professional service every single time. Bates Electric carries state certifications, liability insurance and worker’s comp to provide peace-of-mind to our clients. Safety is our number one priority with everything handled in a 100% Bates Safe certified manner.

Why Bates Electric

Why should you choose Bates Electric? We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality, licensed and certified services 24 hours a day. We are a BBB Accredited business that only hires state-licensed electricians, so you can have the confidence that your needs will be fulfilled properly.

Drawing from our master electrician’s decade of experience, Bates Electric can perform a variety of different services, from small, residential jobs to multi-million commercial and industrial projects. This experience allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Unsure about just what your needs will include? No need to worry, as we provide free quotes for all residential, commercial, and industrial services. So, whatever your needs may be, you can be confident that Bates Electric will meet them in an efficient, affordable manner.