If you are looking to update your home, a great place to start is the kitchen. A kitchen remodel can not only make your home safer but also significantly increase you homes resell value. A fantastic kitchen remodel begins with ensuring you have the correct electrical circuits for modern appliances. Older kitchens will not have modern GFCI outlets and likely won’t have the appropriate small appliance circuits either. Therefore, anyone in the Dayton, OH area considering a full kitchen remodel should consider contacting Bates Electric to help create the perfect electrical makeover for you upgraded appliances and new look.

Here are a few of the electrical upgrades that can not only add value to your home but also make your kitchen much more functions.

GFCI Outlets

Older kitchens that have not been updated will not have up-to-code safety outlets. New kitchens require the use of GFCI outlets due to the potential of electrocution. GFCI outlets are also known as ground fault circuit interrupters. The outlet includes a device that shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person. This is vital for a safe kitchen!

Despite the increased safety of GFCI outlets in the kitchen, older homes do not have this modern update. Therefore, the first step to ensuring your new kitchen remodel is the best it can be is replacing old unsafe outlets with new GFCI products.

Bates Electric is currently running a $50 service call special for anyone that orders 3 or more GFCI outlets!

Proper Amps

Modern kitchens should have a variety of circuits depending on the appliances and lighting you wish to install in the room. At minimum you will want 7 individual circuits for your appliances, including at least two 20-amp circuits. The refrigerator will need a dedicated 20-amp and larger, more powerful microwaves are also best served on a 20-amp circuit. Bates Electric can help you determine which circuits are needed based on your individual needs.

Home designers suggest that countertop outlets should be no further than four feet apart, ensuring maximized kitchen countertop space. We can also connect outlets to your kitchen island!

Lighting Choices

To take your kitchen remodeling project to the next level, installing new lighting can really add a special touch to the room. From track lighting to new light fixtures, Bates Electric can help modernize your kitchen while ensuring everything is done in a professional and safe manner.

Upgrading your kitchen lights to LED can also add appeal to the room.


Whether you are looking to simply upgrade your kitchen with new, potentially higher voltage appliances, or want to change the look of your kitchen with new lighting, Bates Electric can help.