GFCI receptacles can help keep your family safe from electrocution; therefore, any home built after 2008 requires these life-saving outlets in the majority of the home. However, homes built before 2008 may not have these safety precautions in place. Fortunately, Bates Electric can help by ensuring your home is up-to-date with all the latest electrical safety products.

Why GFCI Outlets?

“Two-thirds of all electrocutions in U.S. homes could be prevented if people installed the receptacles.”

A ground fault happens whenever electricity escapes the confines of the wiring in an appliance, light fixture, or power tool and takes a shortcut to the ground. When electricity escapes the outlet and enters a human, the result can be deadly. In fact, about 200 people in the U.S. alone die of ground faults each year, accounting for two-thirds of all electrocutions occurring in homes. However, these deaths are preventable.

GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) constantly monitors the flow of current from the outlet to the appliance or electrical item. If the outlet indicates a difference in outflow that exceeds 5 milliamps, an indication that a ground fault may be occurring, the GFCI shuts off the flow in an instant — as little as .025 second. This is huge from an electrocution standpoint.

By shutting off in as little as .025 of a second, the outlet can prevent deadly electrocution and injury. Instead, the victim will likely just experience a small shock but no further harm.

GFCI Receptacles Protect Children

Healthy Child Care Iowa notes that 75% of the victims of electrical outlet accidents are young children. Infants and toddlers often have wet hands and face due to drooling, creating an even more dangerous situation. Due to the very real danger of electrocution from standard outlets, homes built after 2008 require GFCI or tamper-resistant outlets in all residential areas.

However, if you home was built before 2008, it likely does not have this safety measure in place. Therefore, it is suggested that all older homes bring in a licensed electrical technician, such as Bates Electric, to bring all electrical wiring and outlets up to the standards of current requirements. This includes installing the GFCI outlets throughout the home.

Where GFCI Outlets Are Required In New Homes

The following chart outlines current regulations regarding the use of GFCI outlets in residential buildings and homes.

GFCI Outlet Installation Dayton, OH

GFCI Outlets in Dayton, OH don’t have to be expensive!

Bates Electric is currently running a GFCI outlet installation special. If you purchase three GFCI outlets, our licensed Dayton, OH electricians will install the receptacles for just $50! So give Bates Electric a call at 937-681-0606 or fill out the quick quote form below to setup your GFCI installation today.

[Featured Image via HealthChildren.Org]