Electric helps our homes to run smoothly. It powers lights and appliances, lets us run water heaters, and much more. Electricity is helpful, but it can be dangerous. Because our homes are filled with electrical wires, it’s important to keep some home electrical safety tips in mind. Following are important tips to help keep you safe and prevent possible electrical fires and shocks from happening.

Home Electrical Safety Tips

Keep Wires Away From Water

An outstanding home electrical safety tip to keep in mind is always to make sure to keep electronic items away from water. Water contains elements that don’t conduct well with electricity. If there are any wires near water or even sitting in it, that can be a significant hazard.

Check Your Electric Cords

You always want to be sure to check your electrical cords. If any wires are broken or worn, they could end up causing problems like giving you limited electrical power and even electrical shocks. It’s important to check them to help prevent these issues from happening.

Don’t Overpower Your Outlets

Believe it or not, plugging in too many cords into an outlet at once can cause issues. It can cause power surges if your outlet and electrical panel can’t handle the current electrical demands.

Watch Yourself When Touching Outlets and Faceplates

At times it can be difficult to notice when an outlet or faceplate might be malfunctioning or broken. You always want to look at yourself when plugging something into an outlet and keep an eye on the current state of your faceplates. If you find that one of your electrical faceplates is cracked or broken, be sure to replace it.

As mentioned above, you want to watch yourself when plugging things into an outlet. If you place your hands or fingers near the outlet when you plug your electrical devices in, it could lead to electrical shocks.

Don’t Depend on Extension Cords

Extension cords are useful, but you shouldn’t rely on them. They should only be used for temporary situations. You should also be sure not to have them placed under rugs. The wear and tear of being walked on can cause them to be worn down to the point where they expose their wires. This can lead to hazardous situations.

Bate Electric wants you to make sure to keep these home electrical safety tips in mind. They will help to prevent injuries from occurring and contribute to making sure that your electric is running properly.