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Dayton Ohio Restautants

Knowing how to find the best restaurants in Dayton Ohio can be a bit of a challenge. You might be looking for a setting for the perfect birthday, get together, anniversary or even wedding rehearsal. Finding that ideal place will take a bit of research and leg work, but for what you get it’s well worth it.

Study the Exterior

Outside appearances won’t always give you a good indication of what you’ll find inside or what the food is like. You might know that a place has great food even if the exterior is a bit shabby, which is fine if the others don’t mind. For special occasions, though with lots of guests it’s better to choose a place that will appeal to everyone in every way. It doesn’t have to be brand new but should look nice enough for a social event.

Study the Interior

The interior is where you can get a better idea of what a restaurant is like. For a special occasion, it needs to be clean, well lit, with comfortable seating and a balanced temperature. When comparing different places, visit each one and tell the hostess your scouting locations for a special event. They should be happy to show you around. Ask to see the bathroom and take note of the lighting, seating and temperature.

Also, take note of the staff. They should be well groomed and look their best. They have a hard job to do, but they should still be able to maintain their appearance. They should be fast moving, friendly and approachable. Customer service will be essential in deciding how an extraordinary event turns out. Even if the food and location are great, rude or inconsiderate staff can ruin an entire night. If a place can't meet these needs, you should try somewhere else.

Sample the Food

Location and customer service are vital parts to any special occasion, but at the end of the day, it's all about the food. Before even arriving at any place check online and read reviews that others have left, make sure that these are verified reviews. When inspecting a place ask to see the menu and even try some of the dishes. Depending on what the occasion is any who will be there you may need a menu that can cater to everyone’s needs. Some people may have allergies or special requirements which you should check with the restaurant to be sure they can handle it.

Finding the best restaurants in Dayton Ohio needn’t be that hard, but if you go about it right, you should see a place that will satisfy everyone and make for an unforgettable night.

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