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Install Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated Circuits And Why You Need Them

If you run a company that experiences frequent power surges you know how frustrating they can be. Often this leads to equipment breaking down with money lost as a result. Not only that, but these surges can also be a fire hazard endangering both your business and employees. Thankfully there is a way around this. An electrician can install dedicated electrical circuits to those areas that are sensitive or take up a lot of energy.

What Are Dedicated Circuits?

These are electrical circuits that are set aside and dedicated to one particular purpose or appliance. Each one has its circuit breaker in your electrical box. Because no other appliance is plugged into or uses the energy from this circuit, it can stay dedicated to one specific appliance. Large systems or appliances that take up a lot of power, like freezers or supercomputers, need to be able to draw their required power without overloading your whole system, blowing a fuse or tripping your circuit system. It’s often mandatory for individual appliances that use a certain amount of power to have their dedicated electrical circuits.

Most commercial buildings will need these. Failure to have one will result in overloaded circuits. When too much power is running through your system that it overloads it triggers a circuit trip. This can also pose a fire hazard which is why dedicated electrical circuits are mandatory in some sensitive machines.

Where You Would Need Dedicated Circuits

Security systems – the last thing you’ll want is your whole security system going down the moment an employee plus in the coffee machine. All security systems should be protected by a dedicated electrical circuit. This includes cameras, motion detectors and other devices for monitoring the premises. If security is a top priority for your business, then you need to ensure they are adequately protected.

Computer systems – any company that has a lot of computers running, relies a lot on the system to keep running at all times. Sudden power-downs can result in critical information lost, and the whole system has to be rebooted again. This can cost a business an entire day and incur severe financial losses. Ensure these areas are protected, and you'll be able to rest much easier.

Other areas are critical depending on the business. Any business with large freezers or other heating and cooling systems will want the peace of mind knowing that these won't shut down expectantly. Factories, in particular, run a lot of heavy machinery that takes up a lot of power. To summarize, any large systems or appliances that you can’t afford to let fail should have dedicated electrical circuits.

If you're unsure of the current state of your electrical system or are planning to install large power sucking appliance, you should have an inspection done as soon as possible. A professional contractor can install dedicated electrical circuits where they needed most and ensure your systems and business stays operational.

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