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Landscape Lighting

Why You Should Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can add a unique ambiance to your gardens, pools, and decks. They can even help to give your home and business curb appeal. Some might be a little unsure whether investing in landscape lighting would be worth it. Here’s a bit more about it and why you should consider installing landscape lighting.

Types of Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting has many different types of lights that you can use. Each of those guys has their features and are ideal for certain areas in your landscape.


This kind of lighting can showcase a particular spot in your landscape. If you have a magnificent tree or a great flower garden, a spotlight can highlight them when it’s nighttime.

Flood Lights

Flood lights will illuminate a large area. This is good if you want to show the front of your house or building during the night. Flood lights are also good because some types come with motion detection. Instead of constantly being on, they will stay off and only shine if there’s movement below. This can be a great security feature to have.

Deck Lights

If you often enjoy sitting outside at night on your deck, deck lights would be ideal for you. There are many different types of deck lights. You can have some built into your deck’s staircase to add extra safety when you’re climbing up or down it. You can also install these lights into your deck, so the floor of it lights up. These lights can pretty much be placed anywhere you’d like on your deck.

Other Considerations About Landscape Lighting

If you’re at all worried about whether it's safe to install landscape lighting, you don’t have to worry. An electrician will work to install landscape lighting so that the cords are hidden and out of view. This can prevent people and animals from tampering with them and can stop other unnoticeable problems from occurring to the electrical wires.

Also, you’ll have a wide variety of other choices available with landscape lighting. You can choose different wattage amounts, the types of bulbs you want to use, and even unique bulb colors.

If you’d like to install landscape lighting in Dayton, Ohio, Bates Electric can help you. They will work to install landscape lighting that will help bring out the best in your landscape.

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