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Top Dayton Ohio Attractions

Many people might not realize it, but Dayton has a lot of culture and events on each year that can suit anyone’s interests. From beautiful art galleries to food-filled festivals and breathtaking nature walks you'll find a lot to keep you occupied in Dayton this fall. If you’re planning to visit soon then here are the top Dayton Ohio attractions you won’t want to miss out on.

Dayton Visual Arts Center

The Dayton Visual Arts Center was founded in 1991 by a group of local artists and art supporters. It was established to give local artists a place to showcase their work and allow the local community a window into the art world and their local artists. The center puts on almost a dozen exhibitions each year. One of its most popular is the holiday gift exhibition.

Go Hiking

The Dayton area has dozens of parklands in the surrounding areas that are a joy to explore in the fall season for a chance to experience natures beauty and get some exercise head out to any of the local trains in the surrounding area.

John Ryan State park in Yellowstone is probably the most popular, but there are a few others that are also worth seeing.

Germantown and twin creek metro park is home to the 22-mile twin valley backpacking trail here you’ll find a variety of terrain and colors to make the fall experience something you won’t soon forget.

Englewood Metro park. Found in the east park, this green trail takes you through a beautiful fall landscape to the waterfalls of Patty, Oak, and Martindale.

Check Out the Festivals

Dayton has no shortage of culture, and it’s got a long list of festivals in all year round. For the fall season be sure not to miss any of these.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival runs until the end of October and features a chance to experience 15th century England. A 30-acre permeant village has been re-created for the event expect lots of dancers, barbeques, beers and sword fighters.

Germantown Pretzel festival is an annual event held at the end of September in Veterans Memorial Park. The whole family will love this one. Feast your eyes and taste buds on mount watering gourmet pretzels. There’ll be pizza-flavored pretzels, barbecued chicken, ribs, waffles, pork chops and much more.

The sixth annual Fairborn Halloween festival looks set to be another success this late October. Located in Downtown Fairborn here you’ll find plenty to keep both the kids and adults happy.

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Dayton USAF Museum