With the new year upon us, many people will commit to bettering themselves in the coming year by setting goals or New Year’s resolutions. However, despite the best of intentions, many people will start off with their goals in place but quickly fall prey to everyday life and leave their resolutions behind. So why do so many people have a hard time keeping their resolutions and what can you do to break the cycle of disappointment?

Psychology Today notes that there is a high rate of failure among New Year’s resolution setters and that the failure typically is the result of one of two things- setting unrealistic goals or issues with cause-and-effect.

“Psychology professor Peter Herman and his colleagues have identified what they call the “false hope syndrome,” which means their resolution is significantly unrealistic and out of alignment with their internal view of themselves. This principle reflects that of making positive affirmations. When you make positive affirmations about yourself that you don’t really believe, the positive affirmations not only don’t work, they can be damaging to your self-worth.

The other aspect of failed resolutions lies in the cause and effect relationship. You may think that if you lose weight, or reduce your debts, or exercise more, your entire life will change, and when it doesn’t, you may get discouraged and then you revert back to old behaviors.”

So what can a person do to help ensure that their New Year’s resolutions are met in 2017? Forbes compiled a list of seven things that you can do to increase your chances of success.

  1. Make your goals specific
  2. Measure progress
  3. Be patient
  4. Share goals with family and friends (think accountability)
  5. Schedule it
  6. Keeping the mindset that something is better than nothing
  7. The power to get up when you slip up

Are you planning on making a New Year’s resolution for 2017? Do you plan to follow any of these tips to help ensure your goals are met?

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